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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I open an account with CIMB Private Banking?
To open an account with CIMB Private Banking, you would have to first meet with one of our Private Bankers to discuss your financial needs, objectives and appetite for risk.

2. What are the entry criteria for a CIMB Private Banking account?
In order to enjoy the services offered by CIMB Private Banking, a minimum of the following is required:

  • Advisory Portfolio:- RM3,000,000 in cash or non-cash assets*
  • Discretionary Portfolio:- RM5,000,000 in cash or non-cash assets*

* Non-cash assets include Equities, Fixed Income Securities, Unit Trust Funds approved by CIMB Private Banking.

Please refer to points 7-9 below for the different types of investment portfolios.

3. What types of accounts can I maintain at CIMB Private Banking?

  • Individual accounts
  • Joint accounts
  • Minor accounts
  • Company accounts
  • Yayasan or charity accounts

4. If I am a non-resident of Malaysia, will I be allowed to open a CIMB Private Banking account?

5. What are the services offered at CIMB Private Banking?
CIMB Private Banking offers a full range of private banking services, including:

  • Asset allocation strategies and investment advice
  • Portfolio management accounts
  • Consolidated and comprehensive reporting
  • Trustee services

6. What are the investment portfolios offered by CIMB Private Banking?
We offer you a choice of two different portfolios, depending on how active or passive you want to be in managing your investment portfolio:

  • Advisory Portfolio
  • Discretionary Portfolio

7. What is an Advisory Portfolio?
An Advisory Portfolio allows you to actively manage your investment portfolio, backed by invaluable advice from your Private Banker and Investment Advisory Team. They will provide you with invaluable insights and timely information, adding value to your decision-making process.

8. What is a Discretionary Portfolio?
A Discretionary Portfolio enables you to play a passive role in the management of your investments by giving CIMB Private Banking or our appointed asset managers the mandate to invest and grow your investment portfolio on your behalf, according to your investment objectives and expectations.

9. What are the other benefits of being a CIMB Private Banking client?

  • Access to first-hand information and in-house market recommendations from experts, affiliated companies and external research houses
  • Monthly consolidated reporting and regular valuations of your investments across all asset classes
  • Updated Quarterly and Ad-Hoc Investment Reviews and Market Outlook commentaries
  • Confidentiality in all dealings
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers for retail banking needs

10. Do you offer Banking Services?
We offer premium banking services that include savings and checking accounts, fixed deposits with exclusive preferential rates, pre-approved overdrafts, secured and unsecured loans, conventional and Islamic mortgages, credit cards, insurance as well as concierge banking privileges of CIMB Preferred.

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