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CIMB Research is an indispensable part of the Group, providing daily investment advice on regional equities, economics and fixed income. Backed by award-winning insights gained through rigorous research, we lend advice to domestic and foreign fund managers, sharing objective views on companies, industries and economic trends.

CIMB's equities research department analyzes sectors and listed companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Made up of more than 30 analysts, our equities research department covers over 300 stocks and keeps investors fully abreast of developments in the respective markets.

In addition to the wealth of information we provide on the equities market, we regularly release regional case studies offering an in-depth look into specialized sectors like transportation, telecommunications and gaming.

We are fully engaged in the tracking, monitoring and analysis of economic, monetary and financial developments. All our risk considerations are based on information at the micro, sectoral and macro levels within Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China.

Fixed Income
CIMB was the first investment bank in Malaysia to develop a dedicated fixed income research team. They provide analysis, guidance and insights into bond investments in Malaysia and Indonesia, and will soon initiate coverage on Singapore and Hong Kong. The team also provides commentaries on the US Treasuries and Asian USD-denominated debt papers from a global perspective.

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