Relevant Experience

Mr. Robert Neil Coombe is currently the Executive Chair of the Colonial First State Group and Non-Executive Chairperson of the Generation Development Group, both Australian based financial services businesses.

He was previously the Chairperson of Craveable Brands, the largest Australian-owned Quick Service Restaurant business and was the CEO of Craveable Brands between 2013 and April 2017. Before joining Craveable Brands, Mr. Coombe was responsible for all Westpac’s Retail, Business and Agri banking operations throughout Australia. Prior to this role, Mr. Coombe spent six years as the CEO of BT Financial Group, responsible for all of Westpac’s funds management, financial planning, insurance, private banking, broking, platform and superannuation businesses in Australia. In total, he has over 40 years of corporate experience in both Australia and Asia.


In addition to the above, Mr. Coombe is a Director of Tibra Capital Pty Ltd, Expert360 and the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation. 

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Quick Details







Date of Appointment:

16 April 2014


Length of Tenure as Director:

9 Years

Membership of Board Committees:

  • Member Member of the Group Sustainability and Governance Committee



  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons), University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


Areas of Expertise:

  • Operations, Risk Management, Investment & Corporate Finance, Business Management & Corporate Leadership, Technology, Legal, Human Resource and Sustainability


Directorship/ Relevant Appointment: 


  • Non-Executive Chairperson of Generation Development Group, Australia


  • NIL
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