06 October 2021

The public-private collaboration will see the three organisations combining their efforts to promote local artists and performers as the Malaysian arts and cultural scene which has been deeply affected by the pandemic


Kuala Lumpur: CIMB Group (“CIMB” or “the Group”), the Cultural Economy Development Agency (“CENDANA”) and Yayasan Hasanah, the impact-based foundation of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, have jointly announced their public-private tripartite or ‘TripART’ collaboration today aimed at spurring the recovery of Malaysia’s arts, cultural and heritage ecosystem which has been deeply impacted by the pandemic. Under the TripART collaboration, CIMB, CENDANA and Yayasan Hasanah will spearhead three different initiatives respectively that will collectively uplift the arts and cultural scene.


At the same time, the collaboration will see them cross-promoting their programmes with a joint calendar of activities from October to December 2021 to create a greater holistic impact. The highlight of the 3-month long collaboration will be a Hotel Art Fair from 4th to 7th November 2021 at Element Kuala Lumpur, where over 50 artists represented by 9 galleries as well as selected beneficiaries and partners of CIMB Foundation, CENDANA and Yayasan Hasanah, will be displaying their artwork in hotel rooms converted into a series of mini-galleries.


The TripART collaboration was conceptualised in recognition of the need for both the public and private sectors to effectively collaborate in supporting artists, performers and craftsmen within the marketplace, therefore preserving their livelihoods and strengthening the economic viability of the local arts ecosystem. Their livelihoods depend on the vibrancy of the arts scene, tourism and events industry, which have been severely disrupted since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. The collaboration also aims to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) 8, 10 and 11 on promoting inclusive and sustainable growth, reducing inequalities and creating sustainable cities and communities respectively.


As part of the TripART collaboration, CIMB is holding its second CIMB Artober initiative, following the programme’s maiden success in 2020. This year’s programme will introduce more curated digital content, art talks and exhibitions by 10 participating commercial art galleries over 13 weekends, featuring over 100 local artists with over 350 artworks. Meanwhile, CENDANA will be organising its Art In The City (“AITC”) campaign, which will present 9 key programmes offering more than 100 activities including a creative economy forum, open arts classes, traditional arts platform, craft product launches, city festival, media art exhibition, dialogues and more that will help Malaysians to appreciate local art, content and crafts. Yayasan Hasanah’s Arts for All Seasons (“ArtsFAS”) launches its platform to honour and showcase Malaysia’s preserved and conserved arts, heritage, and culture through some 31 public events that are made accessible to all – connecting our heritage to generations of tomorrow.


Gurdip Singh Sidhu, Group Chief Sustainability Officer of CIMB Group, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with CENDANA and Yayasan Hasanah which we hope will support the recovery of the local arts, culture and heritage ecosystem during this challenging period. As a purpose driven organisation, our CIMB Artober initiative is also aimed at supporting the resilience and livelihoods of local artists and art galleries. This is line with our commitment to making a tangible positive impact to our communities. As part of CIMB Artober, we are also offering exclusive deals on staycations with our hotel partners and special offers for our CIMB credit card customers. We hope these will generate greater interest and support from the public for the local arts scene.”


CENDANA Founding CEO, Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehudin shared, “We remain strongly committed to supporting the recovery of the arts and culture sector. We are on schedule and have approved RM22 million in the past 14 months which will benefit more than 8,000 practitioners. In addition to the grants approved under PENJANA, PEMULIH and PRISMA, we hope to transition our sector back into the shared creative economy via a collective effort that encompasses Art In The City, CIMB Artober and Art for All Seasons. AITC is dedicated to art and performance, with more than 100 dynamic, colourful and optimistic programmes presented this year including an array of music, dance, craft, theatre, film dance, food, heritage, history, and more spread from October 14 to December 28, 2021. With the opening of the creative industries, in collaboration with the arts communities, and partnerships from business and government partners, CENDANA is committed to demonstrating the impact of the arts, capturing its strength, overcoming challenges, and nurturing the soul of the nation for the future. We hope this AITC will spur and create an additional 2,000 job opportunities nationwide involving the arts community in a move towards healing the nation through arts.”


Dato’ Shahira Ahmed Bazari, Managing Director of Yayasan Hasanah, shared, "As we navigate the changing season towards recovery, we want to shine a spotlight on various art forms - whether it's provincial art, or community art – bringing healing, enjoyment, and inspiration for Malaysians at large. This year’s inaugural ArtsFAS features a variety of 31 spectacular arts showcase in multiple locations in the country, with a mix of virtual experiences as well. This will enable economic opportunities for some 1,355 arts, culture, and heritage practitioners. We are proud to partner with CIMB and CENDANA to build a greater impact for the sector and wrap up the year with a bang.”




CIMB is holding its three-month CIMB Artober 2021 initiative from 1st October to 31st December 2021. This year’s programme includes 10 commercial galleries over 13 weekends, featuring 100 artists with over 350 artworks that will be available to the public. Besides the Hotel Art Fair in November and gallery exhibitions, CIMB Artober will include curated digital content on art related topics and engaging art talks by notable industry experts. Two hotels that are renowned for their contemporary art collections, namely Element Kuala Lumpur and Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur, are also taking part in CIMB Artober, with staycation offers for art lovers while they gallery hop, in addition to Four Seasons Resort Langkawi for those looking for a weekend escape. CIMB customers will also be able to enjoy a 15% discount on minimum spending of RM10,000 with any CIMB Debit or Credit Card at the participating galleries during CIMB Artober. Terms and conditions apply.



CENDANA is proud to bring back the third edition of AITC 2021. Taking place from 14 October to 28 December 2021, AITC 2021 is slated to introduce a slew of exciting programme and activities to engage with the local audiences offering curated activities aimed at promoting the diverse artistic, creativity, compassion, and imagination of Malaysians. This year’s AITC includes the Kuala Lumpur Creative Economy Forum, Open Arts Classes, Panggung Rakyat traditional performances, Studio C craft promotions, KLWKND city festival, The Light Project public art and performances, The STAR installation, SENSORii media art exhibition and a reflection of our culture through the Symposium of the 50th National Cultural Congress 1971. More information on AITC is on www.baskl.com.my/aitc.



Arts for All Seasons (“ArtsFAS”) is an annual initiative to showcase Malaysia’s preserved and conserved arts, heritage and culture through public events. ArtsFAS aims to make the arts scene accessible and with it, seeks to educate the younger generation through experience and to drive awareness and appreciation of the Malaysian heritage. This year, ArtsFAS features 21 artists, bringing with them 31 performances, theatrical productions, workshops, academic forums, exhibitions, webinars, ensemble performances, critical discussions, and other exciting events. Orchestrated from October to December in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Penang, Melaka, and Langkawi (Kedah), it promises to be a treat for the senses, for all layers of society. Visit www.artsfas.org for the full event line-up and schedule.


 (L-R) Gurdip Singh Sidhu, Group Chief Sustainability Officer of CIMB Group, Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehudin, Founding CEO of CENDANA, and Dato’ Shahira Ahmed Bazari, Managing Director of Yayasan Hasanah as they mark the beginning of the public-private TripART collaboration between the three respective organisations aimed at spurring the recovery of Malaysia’s arts, cultural and heritage ecosystem which has been deeply impacted by the pandemic.