2 September 2021

The initiative includes support for the national healthcare system and food provisions for communities across Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur: CIMB Group Holdings Berhad (“CIMB” or “the Group”) and its corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) arm, CIMB Foundation (“the Foundation”), announced today that the Group has committed to providing an additional RM10 million in pandemic aid via its Komuniti Kita COVID-19 Relief project. RM9 million is being funded collectively by CIMB Foundation and CIMB Group, while the Group is aiming to raise an additional RM1 million via an employee donation drive. The funds will be used to provide immediate much needed support to the national healthcare system and expand the Group’s CSR initiatives for communities in need across Malaysia. Out of the RM10 million, RM5 million has been committed, while the remaining amount will be earmarked for later use in the ongoing battle against the impacts of a possible prolonged pandemic.


A key thrust of the Komuniti Kita COVID-19 Relief project is to provide immediate support to Malaysia’s healthcare system as hospitals continue to manage the overwhelming number of cases. On that front, RM3 million has been allocated towards upgrading medical facilities in the fight against COVID-19. Of this amount, RM1.6 million is already being deployed through collaboration with MERCY Malaysia to provide medical and non-medical support, including the conversion of facilities into COVID-19/ICU wards, for relevant COVID-19 facilities. These include hospitals across the country such as Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya, Hospital Melaka, Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Hospital Sultan Ismail, Hospital Tangkak and Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, in addition to COVID-19 assessment centres.


Another main thrust of the Komuniti Kita COVID-19 Relief project is to provide much needed food supplies to communities across Malaysia, as the pandemic continues to impact the livelihoods of many. In partnership with various non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”), the Group has started mobilising RM2 million in essential food provisions for individuals and families to provide temporary sustenance until the pandemic situation improves and they can start rebuilding their livelihoods. Amongst the NGOs the Group has started working with include The Lost Food Project, Food Aid Foundation, Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia, the Malaysian Relief Agency, Persatuan Bencana Alam Negeri Kedah and Yayasan Nurjiwa, with more NGO partners to be added as the project is expanded to more communities.


Datuk Mohd Nasir Ahmad, Chairman of CIMB Group, said, “CIMB deeply empathises with the hardships faced by communities who continue to be affected by the prolonged pandemic. At the same time, we have also been inspired by the generous spirit of Malaysians who have stepped up and lent each other a helping hand during this difficult time. As a purpose-driven organisation, we are pleased to do our part by allocating an additional RM10 million in COVID-19 relief, both through our Group’s contribution and that of our #teamCIMB. We hope our contribution, even if only in some small way, will help to address some of the challenges faced by our healthcare system and alleviate the burdens of those affected by the pandemic.”


Tan Sri Dato’ Md Nor Yusof, Chairman of CIMB Foundation, said “CIMB Foundation will continue to pursue purposes beneficial to the community, in line with our key impact pillar of Health and Community Well-being. This includes among others the provision of aid and relief to those in need, especially the underprivileged who are facing financial hardship during these challenging times. We hope that the help provided by CIMB Foundation can alleviate their burden and offer a critical lifeline to the beneficiaries, especially those in financial distress."


Since the start of the pandemic, CIMB has contributed RM6.3 million for relief initiatives in Malaysia such as food aid healthcare and medical/hospital equipment, and laptops as part of the CERDIK programme to bridge the digital learning gap for over 1,700 students. The RM10 million additional allocation under the Komuniti Kita COVID-19 Relief project expands upon the Group’s earlier CSR initiatives to provide assistance to vulnerable groups across Malaysia. These include for example various Program Perumahan Rakyat (“PPR”) communities, families with single mothers, and other affected B40 and underprivileged groups.


During MCO 3.0, CIMB Foundation also provided food provisions and amenities such as biscuits, instant noodles, oat packet drinks and standing fans benefitting 1,750 frontliners from several government hospitals and health centres. 25 oxygen concentrators are also being provided to three government hospitals. Furthermore, the Foundation played its part in supporting the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme by contributing five top loading vaccine refrigerators to Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Kelantan to establish multiple immunisation centres across the state to ensure equal access for rural communities.


Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Faizal Mohd Perdaus, President of MERCY Malaysia, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the value of public-private-civil society partnerships in helping the country manage and recover from the healthcare crisis. MERCY Malaysia is grateful to CIMB for providing much-needed support in activating our community-based medical response and vaccination outreach especially in states lacking capacity and resources. It is through unity in purpose such as this, that we can overcome the overwhelming challenges of COVID-19.”

Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Founder of Yayasan Nurjiwa, said, “I am thankful to CIMB and CIMB Foundation for collaborating with Yayasan Nurjiwa and CTDK Holdings to organise the contribution of food aid to children. As a mother, I feel deeply affected seeing families with children who have been impacted by the current pandemic situation. What we have been striving for and focused on is helping children because they require attention in terms of essential needs such as food and drinks (milk), and I truly hope this contribution will be able to ease the burden of these families while bringing joy to the children.”


CIMB Group and CIMB Foundation have launched the Komuniti Kita COVID-19 Relief project with a RM10 million commitment to provide immediate much needed support to the national healthcare system and expand the Group’s food aid initiatives for communities in need across Malaysia.



Representatives of CIMB Group and CIMB Foundation with Rashid Esa, Director of the Mah Meri Cultural Village (third from left) and Norlia Samsi, Chairman of the Mah Meri Cultural Club (third from right) at the Mah Meri Cultural Village in Pulau Carey, Selangor, where a food bank has been set up to provide 90 Mah Meri households with weekly food aid for 6 months as one of the initiatives under CIMB’s Komuniti Kita COVID-19 Relief project.